Phantoms Revisited

Posted by naft on October 8, 2013

As mentioned in the last blog, there’s a chance that Phantoms will be offered as a free limited time download. I decided to use NAFT’s Bandcamp since it’s one of the newer music sharing sites. Previously I would have used Soundclick or worse even MySpace. But I gotta upgrade in a way. Actually the most popular music sharing site seems to be Soundcloud although I haven’t put much music there at the moment.


Here’s Phantoms for your enjoyment. Bear in mind that these tunes were recorded between 1999-2001 during the time that home recording (and laptop performing) was still relatively new. If you want to read short background stories about the songs, click here.

Click on the Download link to grab the files. Note that it’s going to ask for you to specify a price, but you can download for free. Just indicate zero for the price. You will also be asked for your email so Bandcamp can send you the link. Also please share freely with your friends.