Thanks Are In Order

Posted by naft on September 7, 2013

Early NAFT - photo by Raul Roa

Early NAFT – photo by Raul Roa

To further the anniversary month “celebration,” some thanks are in order. As a disclaimer, this will not be your usual giddy-giddy-thank-you post.

At first I wanted to list people who have directly helped me but I decided on being general. If they get to read this, they will know who they are. I will be particularly thanking those who:

  • bought the Phantoms CD-R, patronized the Swans CD-R, and continue to ask about the music;
  • got NAFT featured in printed media;
  • encouraged NAFT to start performing;
  • produced gigs for/including NAFT;
  • became music collaborators;
  • got NAFT to perform live on radio;
  • got NAFT on compilation albums released commercially/internationally;
  • have supported and continue to support NAFT.

You have made the ride worthwhile and exciting. Despite it being mainly a creative outlet/hobby, you believed.

Also much “gratitude” should also go to those who:

  • had known me a long time but never supported my passions;
  • raised eyebrows and made fun of Nono for being openly gay;
  • looked down on NAFT for not being part of the 90s band/music scene;
  • called Nono a “Prima Donna” (pa-importante, feminine of pa-rakstar) and a “rock star” (pa-rakstar);
  • tricked newbie bands to “play for pay”;
  • don’t even offer beer during gigs they organize (oops, guilty of that too);
  • send open invites then later hold it against you for grabbing each opportunity (this was a real game changer);
  • operate gig venues that have unfriendly staff (we can forgive your sucky equipment, just be nice).

You have destroyed the initial high but you made me wiser (or cynical). It also got me grounded instead of remaining afloat in my creative (but unrealistic) idealism.